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CoFFEE: Cooperative Face2Face Educational Environment

Welcome at the development site for CoFFEE software. The software has been developed during a 3 years European project named "Lead" (more info at and is a groupware platform for synchronous collaboration for problem-solving activities in the classroom.

Development status

  • Current stable release: version 5.3 "ISISLab CoFFEE" (October 23th 2012). More info available at the Release 5.3 "ISISLab CoFFEE" and in the What's new document there are descriptions of some of the more interesting changes made to the CoFFEE release.
  • collaborative tools within Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, see the Ec-CoFFEE page
  • current CoFFEE wizard to install in eclipse to create a tool for CoFFEE project. More info available at CoFFEE Wizard page and details are available at readme file
  • it possible to write and integrate third party plug-ins into CoFFEE. More details at the Third-party plug-ins page
  • list of the previous Milestones of the product
  • Development Notes, the day by-day notes on development
  • CoFFEE Tests

Collateral activities on the project

As the project Lead is approaching to an end, some external (to the Lead project) activities are taking place on the CoFFEE platform. We list them here. If you are interested in any way to the development, porting, documentation, tutorials, etc. please contact us and we will collaborate on your project:

- An italian group of open source programmer is tackling the "Remote CoFFEE": how to set up a VPN to use CoFFEE for remote meetings. More information on their CoFFEE for remote meetings page about their experiences.

  • CoFFEE is being used for activities related to the teaching of Software Engineering at the Università degli Studi della Basilicata by Ugo Erra. Read more in Requirements analysis by CoFFEE

More info for …

Developers: if you are a (potential) developer of CoFFEE, both for tools and for the core, you should start at the CoFFEE Developer page

Users: you may want to check the Frequently asked questions

Pedagogical researcher: if you use CoFFEE, you can easily analyze the interactions by using an advanced tool for interaction analysts called Tatiana, developed during the same Lead project by the Ecole Normale Superiore des Mines in S.Etienne (France) and that you can find at

All: the user documentation (referring to the latest version 3.3) is available at the 3.3 package download page under Quickstart, User Guide and User Manual

What people say about CoFFEE

Here we collect what people say about CoFFEE...


Here, it is possible to find the latest and the previous CoFFEE downloads.

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